The Master #7: Tobermory 1995, 23 Year Old “The Single Cask” Release


One of Scotland’s oldest distilleries still in operation, it was established in 1798 on the island of Mull. Not the easiest place to set up a distillery, so it went in and out of business for much of the 1800’s and early 1900’s.

A lifeline was thrown to it by 1916 when it was acquired by DCL, but only until 1930 when it was closed for 40 years. Revived by a strange and slightly sinister-sounding consortium involving “Panamanian Interests” in 1972, this proved another false start until Burn Stewart acquired it in 1982.

The company was later purchased by Distell from South Africa who have steadied the ship and raised the quality of the liquid substantially.

The Single Cask is all, an independent bottler, a bar and retailer based in both London and Singapore, focused mostly on Scotch whiskies, bottled a cask strength.

Founded in 2010, they have grown into a respectable name in the Independent bottling business. We recommend visiting their premises in Chijmes to explore their range and learn from their excellent team.

Tobermory is one of the real hidden gems of Scotch Whisky, sharing something of Springbank and Bruichladdich in its best forms.

This is a perfect example of this. Time has tamed its coastal notes, but still they shine through. Enjoy!


Tasting notes are a guideline only. Everyone may respond differently.


Dried and citrus fruits, sea salt, balanced with careful oak influence.


Not the usual sea-notes, malty and grassy with some dark chocolate.


Floral and drying, with cigar tobacco added to the palate. Enjoy!