The Master #6: Tomatin 1994 25 y.o. Sansibar, 50%


Established in 1897, this distillery hit its stride in 1909 until 1974. Following the economic downturn of the period, the distillery was sold on to Japanese interests in 1986.

A perhaps unlikely distillery to be one of the first under international ownership it nevertheless has been slowly but surely growing in influence. A key contributor to The Antiquary blend, the focus has definitely been shifted to its excellent Single Malts.

Sansibar is an independent bottler from Germany, started originally
to supply exclusive bottlings to the restaurant of the same name. Since its founding in 2011, bottles have spread further afield as their quality could not be contained in one place!

One of only 188 bottles, this quarter- century release is quite remarkable. Bold and robust, with characteristic white fruits and cereal of this fine Highland distillery. All bourbon cask-matured


Tasting notes are a guideline only. You may describe it differently.


Rich and classic aged bourbon notes – vanilla and cream, with tropical fruits and spice coming through.


Peaches and cream, with a clear richness evident.


Long and luxurious.