The Master #4: Acorn’s Glen Elgin, 22 Year Old, 50.8%


The Glen Elgin distillery is one of the many unsung heroes of Scotch Whisky production. Sited just outside the town of Elgin in the north of Speyside, it was one of the last to be built in the 1890’s.

Immediately running into a variety of difficulties, it stayed open despite its troubled beginning to survive to its purchase by (then) distilling giants DCL in the 1930’s. It quickly became an integral part of the well- known White Horse blended whisky.

Now owned by Diageo, it exists as an official Single Malt while remaining in the background of the likes of Singleton mainly used in blends.

Still using traditional worm tubs despite its relatively clean fermentation and distillation methods, the balance of lightness and weight results in a soft malt with a lot of rich fruit. This, plus its status as an important blending malt, means that it is surprisingly uncommon as an independent bottling relatively-speaking.

Acorn is a Japanese independent bottler founded in the late 1990’s, by Mr. Seishi Tsuta. White Horse for a time was the best-selling imported blend in Japan, so it’s very befitting to find this in a celebrated Japanese bottler’s hands.


Tasting notes are a guideline only. You may describe it differently.


A huge burst of fruity flavours, with some unexpected cinnamon spice towards the end.


Citrus fruits and flowers, with subtle oak and vanilla notes.


More fruits continue, warm yet rather gentle. A rather ‘Japanese’ Glen Elgin!