The Master #1 : Bruichladdich 26yo (1991) Blackadder Raw Cask


Join our own Chris Chambers as he discusses this fantastic bottle.


Bruichladdich Distillery is rather famous these days as being a champion of sustainability and terroir. Strange as it may be to believe, this was definitely not always the case.

While in 1995 the distillery was closed due to financial troubles, in 2000 the then-closed distillery was resurrected by Mark Reynier and Jim McEwen, who gave it new life and direction. While they added their own signature during their term as owners, they were able to draw from substantial stocks of aged whisky. It all paid off handsomely, and in 2012 the distillery was sold to Remy-Cointreau. This is one of the few remaining pre-closure bottles of Bruichladdich.

The reason for its cloudiness: Blackadder Raw Cask Series is as close as you can come to drinking your whisky right out of the cask, without even barrier filtration being performed in the process.


This bottle’s particulate matter, while cloudy, is entirely safe to drink as is. But feel free to run your spirit through a fine mesh sieve.


Warm and well-developed. Classic balance of sweet and savoury typical of Bruichladdich. Honey, vanilla and liquorice.


An inviting mix of confectionary and fruit sweetness hits at first before the fruit develops. A hint of Islay brine right at the end..


Like a storm out of nowhere, the finish is powerful. Hints of tobacco smoke and peat accompany you on a rather long journey.