The Journeyman #9: Secret Speyside, 15 Year Old “Single Minded” 46%

Join our own Chris Chambers as he discusses this fantastic bottle.


We aim for complete transparency at Heart & Spirits, but some producers and bottlers like to keep some secrets even from us.

Sometimes this is for practical reasons – some distillers dislike their distillery name being on anything other than official bottles. Other times the name is a codeword for another style of whisky made at a distillery more known for a particular flavour.

For example, Bunnahabhain is known for their almost-unpeated spirit, but will sell casks of heavily peated malt under the name Staoisha. Indeed, it is not requirement to put the name of a distillery on a bottle of Scotch.

This approach can lead to accusations of a lack of this transparency we look for, feelings that a producer is somehow cheating. For others, it’s a nice opportunity to not think too hard about the story and focus on the liquid. At the end of the day though, the only real question is – is this delicious whisky?

Douglas Laing believe so with this release, and we wholeheartedly agree. We cannot state which distillery it is...but may give you some clues if you ask!


Tasting notes are a guideline only. Everyone may respond differently.


Dried fruits with ginger and some cake-like vanilla sweetness.


Dried fruits, sweet spices, specifically raisins and cinnamon. Almost rum.


More dessert, this time jam and biscuit sponge. Some marzipan.