The Journeyman #8: Arbikie Highland Rye 1974, Single Grain Scotch Whisky


A Singapore first – Scotland’s very first Rye whisky! We are pleased to present this wonderful whisky to our members, who will be amongst the first people in the country to try this fantastic dram.

The Arbikie Distillery has been producing spirit since 2015, though the area has evidence of distilling as far back at 1794.

Established by the Stirling family who have been working the land since the 1920’s, they strive to be a true ‘farm to bottle’ distiller.

They own the farmlands surrounding the distillery as well to grow their own barley (and botanicals for their gins), with their own onsite maltings due to be set up in the near future.

This sustainable approach is a pioneering one in the field (no pun intended) of craft spirits.

While other distilleries have been working on rye whiskies outside of the traditional homeland of the US, Arbikie has gotten there first.

Much like how non-Scotch single malts have their notes of difference to the original, so we see it with this delightfully different whisky. Enjoy a little slice of history!


Tasting notes are a guideline only. Everyone may respond differently.


Cinnamon, earthy grain, muscovado sugar. Still lively, with a rye ‘snap’!


Nutmeg, clove and butterscotch. Quite lively.


Long, mellow, warming. Sophisticated for a young whisky.