The Journeyman #6: Aultmore 2000, Hidden Spirits, 51.3%


Built in 1896, Aultmore served for a long time as a component malt for the whiskies of John Dewar and Sons. Given how popular Dewar’s blended whiskies are in the world, that is a fine statement.

Now owned by Bacardi after Diageo were forced to sell some of their distilleries due to anti-monopoly laws, it was said that Aultmore was so vital that Bacardi were willing to give up on the sale if it was not included in the deal.

With such high conviction of its qualities, Bacardi soon after released Aultmore as a single malt in 2014. Hidden Spirits is an Italian independent bottler, founded in 2013 by Andrea Ferrari.

Italian Scotch enthusiasts have a strong reputation for being able to nose a good cask, Mr. Ferrari keeps up that reputation. As well as the liquid inside the labels are quite collectable, showcasing the talents of local Italian artists.

This particular release is 10 Years Old, aged in first-fill bourbon casks and bottled at 51.3% ABV. It is a classic combination for Aultmore, and proof that this distillery’s liquid as a Single Malt was long overdue.


Tasting notes are a guideline only, you may describe it differently.


Chocolate is added to the flavours of the nose. Mouthwatering-ly delicious and a slightly oily texture.


Nutty with delightful baking spices and a balancing vanilla sweetness.


We are played out with some dried fruit, with possible herbal hints right at the end.