The Journeyman #3: Kavalan Solist, Ex-Bourbon



Join our own Chris Chambers as he discusses this fantastic bottle.


We aim to provide the best and most interesting whiskies for our members. Up until recently good whisky = Scotch whisky, but these days there is a firm appreciation for those whiskies made outside whisky’s spiritual home. With that in mind, no collection would be complete without Kavalan.

Established in 2005 by the King Car Group, in Yilan County,Taiwan, it is named after the indigenous people of the area of the distillery.

The Solist series is the in-house brand name for Single Cask releases. Under that banner is a wide variety of different cask types, each cask notably different from the next. Taking advantage of the faster maturation made possible by Taiwan’s hot and humid climate, these whiskies show remarkable maturity and depth of flavour despite their relatively young age.

This particular release is a great introduction to the quality of the Solist series, being matured in the same type of cask most common for Scotch whisky – ex-bourbon American Oak..


Tasting notes are a guideline only. Everyone responds to the flavours in a whisky in different ways, so you may describe it differently.


Carries through similar notes from the nose, with elements of spice developing soon after.


Surprisingly fruity for this type of cask, specifically tropical notes. Expected vanilla notes are also present.


Rich and full-bodied, yet quite soft towards the end. Dangerously drinkable!