The Journeyman #2 : Glen Garioch 9 – Dram Mor



Join our own Matthew Fergusson Stuart as he discusses this fantastic bottle.


One of the older distilleries still operating in Scotland, Glen Garioch traces its history back to 1797 in Oldmeldrum near Aberdeen. Some suggest that it may be older than that, the area (known as the Garioch by locals) being prized for its high- quality farmland. It gained a strong reputation for heavy and smoky spirit, a valuable addition to top blends for complexity and weight.

It was closed by then-owners DCL in 1968 in favour of Brora distillery which produced a broadly similar style of spirit. Two years later it was purchased by Stanley P. Morrison, adding to Auchentoshan and Bowmore in Mr. Morrison’s stable. In 1994 Morrison Bowmore was acquired by Japanese alcohol giant Suntory, which went on to acquire the Beam family of brands in 2014. In that time Glen Garioch distillery was briefly closed, then reopened to produce a lighter style of spirit and relaunched as a Single Malt in 2013.

This particular release is a great example of the distillery, showcasing plenty of flavour despite not being as weighty as before.


Tasting notes are a guideline only. Everyone responds to the flavours in a whisky in different ways, so you may describe it differently.


A delicious hazelnut biscuit enjoyed near a wood fire. Medium- bodied, but rich and mouth-coating.



A wonderful balance of pear, melon and vanilla comes to the fore, with gentle oaky notes and a distinctive floral character at the end.


One to savour. Long-lasting and lingering for what seems like hours. Incredible!