The Apprentice #7: Inchgower 2009, 10 Year Old “The Single Cask” Release


Inchgower is one of Scotland’s many workhorse distilleries, situated just outside of the town of Buckie in the north of Speyside. A coastal distillery established in 1871 by Alexander Wilson, this distillery became one of the few to have been owned by the local government when the Wilson family went bankrupt in 1936.

It soon was purchased by Arthur Bell of Bell’s Whisky fame, which later was absorbed into DCL/Diageo. It remains a key part of Bell’s, with occasional official and independent bottlings.

The Single Cask is both independent bottler but also bar and retailer based in both London and Singapore. They focus mostly on Scotch whiskies, bottled a cask strength. Founded in 2010 originally under the name Malt Vault, they have grown into a respectable name in Independent bottling business.

We recommend visiting their premises in Chijmes to explore their incredible range and learn from their excellent team.

Inchgower tends to have notes of the Clynelish waxiness and also some spiciness, this release shares some of that but also brings some interesting herbal notes. Wonderfully complex, and something quite unexpectedly different.


Tasting notes are a guideline only. Everyone may respond differently.


Very similar to the nose but in reverse – first pepper then the tea!


Oak, nutmeg, green tea, followed by fig, pepper and green apple.


Green tea continues, long finish retains hints of apple and fig.