The Apprentice #5: Glenglassaugh Evolution, 50%


The story of Glenglassaugh (Glen- glass-ugh) is one of resurrection. First constructed in 1874, it was affected by the downturns in whisky fortunes around the turn of the century and was closed in 1907. It remained closed until 1960, when an increase in sales was fuelled by the new hype about Single Malts.

Unfortunately the unique flavour profile of Glenglassaugh did not suit the styles preferred by drinkers of the period and so in 1986 the distillery was shuttered again, this time for good. Except — some people had other ideas. A Scandinavian and Russian consortium decided to bring Glenglassaugh back to life in 2008. The distillery, retaining its defiant spirit, was welcomed into a world more appreciative of unusual malts.

In 2013 it caught the attention of Billy Walker of the BenRiach Distilling Company. Now part of Brown-Forman, this unique distillery remains a hidden gem of the Single Malt Whisky scene.

Evolution is in a classic style, in first- fill American Bourbon Oak barrels. Bolstered by a higher ABV, natural colour and no chill-filtering, this is a truly delightful and punchy dram.


Tasting notes are a guideline only, you may describe it differently.


Vanilla and caramel, a bit of barbecue on the beach. Rather rich and full-bodied despite the bourbon influence from the oak.


Tropical fruit, vanilla with a hint of sea salt.


Medium to long, with the palate carrying through. Enjoy!