The Apprentice #3: Glen Moray 2004 Provenance


Glen Moray is at the upper end of the Speyside region of Scotland, near town of Elgin – the home of Gordon & Macphail.

As the town has grown it has started to surround the distillery but it remains in a very scenic part of the country. Originally a brewery, it switched to whisky production in 1897 at a time when many new distilleries were being established.

It had a period of closure from 1910 to 1923 when it was sold to Glenmorangie, then remained operational ever since. It is currently owned by French company La Martinaquaise.

Since the sale the distillery is becoming better known and is something of a hidden gem in the Independent Bottling market.

This particular release is a great example, selected by Douglas Laing as part of their Provenance series. Don’t let the colour trick you – this is a bold and very flavoursome malt.


Tasting notes are a guideline only. Everyone responds to the flavours in a whisky in different ways, so you may describe it differently.


Richness continues, adding hints of vanilla and sweet green fruits.


Rich and nutty, especially almonds.


Notes of pears and apples develop further with slight notes of pepper at the very end.