The Apprentice #1 : Craigellachie 10 (2008) LMDW Collective 2.0

Join our own Chris Chambers as he discusses this fantastic bottle.



Craigellachie was founded in 1890 in the town of the same name. While often overshadowed by some of it’s more famous neighbours such as Macallan and Glenfiddich, it was a prized malt for blenders for its lighter and somewhat ‘pineapple-y’ character, becoming an integral part of White Horse.

Interestingly, these days it has a reputation of being one of the more full-bodied whiskies in the Speyside region. 

Previously owned by DCL for much of its lifetime, Craigellachie was later snapped up by an eager Bacardi, who were actively seeking to diversify from their Rum brand.

Craigellachie does find itself in independent bottles as well, the spirit released from its requirement to fit a blending profile and allowed to explore the more meaty side of its character. This particular release selected by LMdW plays up the rich fruitiness of the whisky.


Tasting notes are a guideline only. Everyone responds to the flavours in a whisky in different ways, so you may describe it differently.


Cocoa and vanilla! There are some more earthy, farmyard-y notes as the worm tub exerts its influence. 


Fruity, especially apples, with a hint of ginger and fresh herbs. This fruit intensifies with time in the glass..


Becomes surprisingly floral with lavender notes and delightful plum flavours. You might detect more medicinal notes on the very end.